Top Lightroom Presets 2021 | new lightroom presets in hindi 2021 | lr new free presets download 2021

 Top Lightroom Presets 2021

How are you guys, in today's article, I am going to tell you about the top lightroom presets 2021, if you want to use this top lightroom free presets in your photos right now, then in this article you have told everything how you Lightroom can use the haunting in your photo. After using this free lightroom presets, the photo looks very amazing as if you are looking at the photo.

If you use this free lightroom presets, then you will have to take some of your out-door photos, that too with green background only then this lightroom free presets will work in the photo.

To download this best free lightroom presets, you will see the option of download below, you have to click and download this lightroom presets.

If you want to watch full video of this new lightroom presets, then you have to search on YouTube (DSR PHOTO EDITOR)

Top Lightroom Presets 2021
 Top Lightroom Presets 2021

Best free Lightroom presets download

To edit the photo, first of all you have to open the lightroom app, after that you have to click on the plus (+) option and our phone gallery will open, now we have to click on our photo and make a preset then at the bottom of the advertisement Have to click. , Then we have to click on the back arrow and then click on All Photos. First you have to download Lightroom preset, after that you have to do all these settings,

After clicking on the all photo, we have to click on the lightroom preset and now we have to set the copy of this lightroom preset. To do the copy setting, click on the dot above and click on the below copy setting. Now the seating of our lr preset. It has been copied, now we have to click on the back arrow again and take our photo in which to add the lightroom preset, after taking the photo we have to click on the top above and we will see an option below the paste setting, as soon as we paste If you click on the setting, the lightroom preset 2021 will be added to our photo.


In this way, you can edit the photo by adding lightroom free presets to all your photos, just have to set the copy of the presets once, after that the photo is edited in 1 click.

Friends, how did you get this lightroom photo editing? Please tell us by commenting and share this article with your photo so that your friends can also download the best lightroom free presets and edit your photo.


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