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  Hello friends, how are you all, in today's article I am going to give you a lightroom tutorial, if you also use preset lightroom to edit your photos, then today's article is going to be very fun for you because mobile lightroom presets It is going to be very amazing because these presets edit the photo in 1 click, you are seeing some photos here on which I have used presets and the photo is looking very amazing if you also want to use this lightroom presets. All the information is given in this article.

Whenever you use this presets, you have to take some green background photos because the lightroom presets work very well in outdoor and green background photos.

Presets Lightroom

Friends, we click a lot of photos in outdoor, but the color of those photos is very fat, so we edit our photo so that our photo looks very amazing.

After using this lightroom presets, our photo looks very amazing because everything is already fixed in this lightroom presets dng so that the photo gets edited in 1 click.

    System requirements

    Mobile Android version – Mobile Android 4.0 or above 
    Mobile RAM – 1 GB 
    4 GB storage on Mobile 
    Installed Lightroom app latest version on Mobile

    Adobe Lightroom Information

    Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile is a photo editing application and Lightroom application is designed like Adobe and Adobe Lightroom was first made for PC and later it was also lunch car on Android and iOS Seeing the popularity in its logo. Kar app has not been given the tools to win PC in Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile, but it is also a tool that is very powerful, with the help of which you can give a professional look to your photos. I hope you found it helpful to know about Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile. (knowledgearrow lightroom preset)

    How to use Light Portrait lightroom preset

    Download this Dark Moody Presets How-To You can use the release presets in your photos. This preset makes your photo very amazing, for how to use Presets in your photo, read some of the points mentioned below carefully and follow the points.

    ⇨ Be the first to add the preset to your Lightroom mobile app.

    ⇨ After that open this presets in Lightroom mobile app.

    ⇨ After that you have to click on the 3 dot on the top right and select the copy setting.

    ⇨ After that open your photo in lightroom mobile app.

    ⇨ After that you have to click on the 3 point on the top right and select the paste setting.

    ⇨ After that you have to click on the 3 point on the top right and select the paste setting.


    Conclusion Friends, how did you feel after 'Dark Moody '? What kind of posts would you like to post on our blog next? If you have any problem/query you can ask me in niche comment box. And I will try to answer it soon.
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